Our Edwardian and Victorian prints at Dorchester Market 9th March 2017

We are at Dorchester Market this week on Thursday 9th March 2017 We really look forward to seeing you.
If you have any stories about Dorchester we would love to hear them.

See you there.





Mounted and Framed Historic Prints available at Dorchester Market 2017

We have discovered the Town of Dorchester, they have a lovelly street market most days of the week which we try and attend once or twice a week.  This historic town fits our prints perfectly, you can see where places have changed since the 19th Century, it is really very interesting. 

Historic prints at Wimborne Folk Festival 2016

Hi Everybody we had a fantastic weekend at the Wimborne Folk Festival.  Found some very strange characters as you can see, believe it or not they were dancers, morris dancers! The whole street was closed off which made the event very safe.  They had a procession on the Saturday with all the morris dancers and various street bands, it was really good.

The Vintage Show at Wylye

A really really hot day!!!!!!!!!!  Lots of people dressed up in Vintage cloths it was amazing!

Sherborne Show

The Sherborne Show was a great success, a really well organised show some wonderful acts in the main arena.  They got a bird of prey to fly in between the legs of a rather fine horse. Amazing!!!!  We donated a framed print for their Silent Auction and the lady who bid for it sent us a lovely email saying how pleased she was.  It is so nice to get feed back. 

Tolpuddle Street Fair Sunday 29th May 2016

We had a stand at the Tolpuddle Street Fair today, our stand was opposite the house in the photo.  Just see how it used to look, amazing, in the 1930’s.  The new owner of the house bought a lovely framed print to hang on his wall.  I wonder where the trees have gone!!!!